About Our Services

We provide a complete service of all the production processes starting from the design phase of the project. We participate in the project with the support of R&D and in the development process of the project in accordance to the international quality standards. Utilising our 35 years of experience with creative innovations our teamwork results with successful projects. We aim to produce optimal solutions to the problems by making the detailed study of the risk factors in order to minimise them.

We are giving you an advantage in the market competition by making elaborate studies which result in increasing the efficiency and reducing labor and raw material costs in provision of time and energy saving.  We are successfully running the supply chain management and procurement of the components and managing the stocks according to your company needs.

Proman Concept is making continuos investments in the field. With our advanced equipment and experienced team we provide our customers SMD, Th Typesetting, in between quality control testing, assembly, final testing and packaging.


Project Management and Consulting

Component Supply

Electronic Circuit Design Research & Development

Electronic String Assembly and Subcontracting

Engineering Support Services

Project Management and Consulting

  • Making the Preliminary Study of the Project
  • Initiation of Research and Development Process
  • Creating the Project Team
  • Identifying and Planning Business Process
  • Creating Costs File and Bom List
  • Making Cost, Analysis and Purchase Research
  • Determining Needs for Environmental Elements
  • Giving Support for Mold Studies
  • Tracking of Samples Process
  • Determination of Quality Criteria
  • Determination of Test and Automation Process
  • Purchasing Procedures
  • Pre-series Production – Serial Production
  • Laboratory / Machinery Park Setup
  • CE / E / TS / TUV / TSE Supporting Certification Process

Research – Development

  • Starting the electronic circuit design process
  • Establishing the project data for the creation of electronic circuit design
  • Alternative solutions of producing electronic circuits
  • Cost analysis of designing electronic circuits project
  • Running the electronic circuit’s sample and testing
  • Making the additional demands / modifications
  • Approving  the completed electronic circuit