Electronic Circuit Design Research&Development

We provide complete service throughout all the production stages starting from the design process of the project. In the development processes we participate in the project with R&D support that is in accordance with the quality systems.

We work as a team to ensure that the project is strengthened with creative innovations and benefiting from our 35 years of experience. Our primary goals are to produce optimum solutions to problems and to minimize risks by detailed work on risk factors.

We put you one step ahead in the competition by reducing the labor and raw material costs and ensuring time / energy savings.

We successfully continue to manage supply chains and supply components while managing stocks in line with our goals.

Our organization with its continuous investments in the field, advanced equipment and experienced team serves its customers in SMD, TH strings, mid tests, quality control, assembly, posttest and final boxing.

  • Starting the electronic circuit design process
  • Establishing the project data for the creation of electronic circuit design
  • Alternative solutions of producing electronic circuits
  • Cost analysis of designing electronic circuits project
  • Running the electronic circuit’s sample and testing
  • Making the additional demands / modifications
  • Approving  the completed electronic circuit